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IG Industrial Plastics maintains inventory for custom made bulk bags, stock bulk bags at our Laredo based warehousing facility, our current inventory includes the following bags:-

Av. Qty.DescriptionLocation
50035″x35″x38″ 5oz circular coated, 14″x18″ Top Spout, 14″x18″ Bottom Spout, 2″x10″ lift loops, 1000kgs SWL, 5:1 SF, document pouchLaredo, TX
130036″x36″x46″ Circular, 2205 LBS SWL, 5:1 SF, 12″ Stiff X-Corner Blue color Pop Up loops Reinforced with another set of loops stitched together, 36″ Duffle top, bottom spout 14″x18″ Iris Spout, Body stitched with double stitch yarn, All edges folded outside, 1 ziplock, 1 safety labelLaredo, TX
20035″x35″x40″ coated, U-PANEL 6.5oz, duffel top, 14″x18″ bottom spout, felt gasket sewn to seams, 2″x10″ lift loops, document pouchLaredo, TX
10042″x42″x40″ Upanel 6.5oz uncoated, Open Top, Flat Bottom, four 2″x10″ lift loops, 1500kg SWL, 5:1 SF, document pouchLaredo, TX
250042”x48”x62” U Panel, Internal Dim., 220gsm (6.5oz) uncoated Fabric, UV 2%, Heracle + Chain Stitch, SWL-3000LBS, SF- 5:1, Spout Top 20”x20”, Spout Bottom 14”x19”, with IRIS closure, rope tie and hose lock,10″ lift loops with short leg 20” and long leg 48”,  tunnel loops, all hemming  to the outside as well as sonic cut, Note- Bags should be clean, no loose or hanging particle. No Document Pouch, IG industrial Plastics Safety LabelFabens, TX


For custom made bags please use our Fast Quote, we can supply you bags based on your requirements. The lead times from our Mexican facility is approx. 4 weeks and the bags from India take about 10-12 weeks to get delivered. We deliver in all of the US and Canada.

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