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Mesh Bags

Mesh Bags Manufacturer

IG Industrial Plastics, LLC is a leading manufacturer, distributor, and supplier of Industrial Mesh Bags in Houston, Texas North America. Leno Mesh Bags are used for various applications like Firewood bags, Onions, Potatoes and other Agri products.  We can produce customized leno bags with custom bag options in size, design and printed with custom labels. Contact us to buy wholesale Leno Bags for sale at the best price in North America.


IG Industrial Plastics is one of the largest distributors of a variety of Customized Leno Bags/Mesh Bags such as PP Leno Bag, Tubular Leno Bag, Leno Fabric Bag, etc. We offer a wide range of Leno Bags/Mesh Bag that serves the purpose of Fruits and Vegetables. These bags are available in attractive colors to meet the exact requirements of our clients.

Indeed, our bags are notable for better air circulation for the products in the bag. We ensure the quality of our Leno/Mesh Bags having proper ventilation to remain the freshness of vegetables and fruits placed inside for a long time span.

Uses of Our Leno Mesh Bags in Packing Agriculture Products

Leno Bags are widely used for the packing of various Agricultural products including fruits and vegetables. Moreover, they are applicable to package onion, garlic, potato, carrot, ginger, orange, pineapple, corn, cabbage, peanuts, pecans, and firewood, etc.

For Packing Onion
We develop a leno bag to the highest standard of quality. They are highly flexible and efficiently carry higher loads. In fact, permeability is a key property in leno bags to keep the products fresh.

For Packing Potato
As our Leno bags can carry heavyweights, they are ideal for the packaging of potatoes. They keep products safe and fresh for long duration and have excellent re-usability and washable characteristics.

For Packing Vegetables
The bag helps in a significant saving in energy costs in cold storage systems. Subsequently, it keeps the vegetables fresh for a long time.

For Packing Fruits
Our Leno bags have better visibility and optimum quality, keeping the product fresh for a long time.

For Packing Flowers
Being low in weight reduce the packing cost. They are available in various colors and sizes and highly used for packaging of flowers keeping the flowers fresh.

Specialties and Advantages of Mesh Bags

  • The holes of the bag allow the product to breathe and get sufficient sunlight.
  • The product stored inside is visible without opening the bag.
  • Cost-effective solution due to the low weights and cost-effective nature.
  • A better and superior alternative compared to the other options available in the market.
  • These Leno Mesh Bags or Mesh Leno Bags are available with or without a drawstring.
  • Custom leno bags can be design based on the specific requirements of our customers.
  • The food bag comes with many different sizes in various colors of fabric as per customer’s requirement.