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IGIP India

Sourcing could be a headache especially if you have to source from an unfamiliar continent/country, you might not always get what you paid for and it’s too late by the time you realize that you have been conned. Communication due to different time zones or language barriers can also be hard sometimes as you may already have experienced the same. Speaking of sourcing from different countries, India has emerged as one of the fastest-growing economies in the global market with a rapid increase in exports to several developed and developing countries.

USA and India are world’s oldest and largest democracies India and the U.S. have a lot of shared principals: both nations believe in sovereignty, free and fair trade, keeping to international standards and resolving disputes peacefully and that motivated us to open our office in India to ensure a smooth flow of business and to gain full control over our imports and exports. We are currently supplying the bags from India to the USA, Canada, Chile, Australia, the UK, and many other countries.

Having presence in India has incredibly benefited IG Industrial Plastics and its clients, we are able to cater the global sourcing needs of our clients operating globally, we get what we order as our highly experienced sourcing team helps us to get the product at the right price and at right time, they ensure the high-quality standards are met each time we place an order with our mutually exclusive vendors/manufacturers who are certified based on the international quality standards i.e. AIB / BRC / GFSI. Also, they have a long-standing experience with producing Super Sacks / Bulk Bags / FIBC Bags and other packaging items such as BOPP Bags, Mulch Films, Shade Nets, Silo Bags, Container Liners, etc.

Our office is located in the central part of India in the Indore city run by our team of highly experienced packaging professionals from the Industry. Following are one of the few reasons to let us help you with your packaging requirements:-

  • Orders are booked with firm delivery dates. (+/- 1 Week)
  • Bags are built and certified to clear the given Safety Standards.
  • Quality, Lead Times and Prices are the best in the Market
  • We carry out quality and load tests on each shipment and that is done in the presence of our own IG staff.
  • Committed to provide a superior product, reduce cost, deliver on time and establish long term relationships with our clients.
  • A 100% customer retention ratio from the past 5 years is what speaks volumes for our commitments, ethics and dedication to serving our clients.

We look forward to working with you, please write to us on to discuss your various packaging needs and how IG can be your partner in your success story.