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Container Liner

Dry Bulk Container Liners Wholesale Distributor

IG industrial plastics today is a renowned supplier of container liners in the US market. We are the leading manufacturer company and wholesale distributor of container liner in North America. At IG industrial plastics we are constantly in the pursuit of innovations and excellence in products and services, exceeding expectations of our customers. We are well backed up with our in-house technically qualified professionals with a good grasp on this packaging application. We are one of the few who are fully integrated Dry Bulk Container liner distributors of woven PP and HDPE container liner and Blown film PE container liners. Contact us for container liners bags for sale at the best price in America.

What do we offer?

  • Transparent Polyethylene liners (PE Liner)
  • Woven Polypropylene liners (Woven PP Liner)
  • High durable elastomeric liners
  • Thermal liners
  • Metalized/Aluminium foil
  • Vinyl liner
  • Cost effective fill-In liner
  • Conductive liners-Natural/Black

Why Container liner?

Clean and dry shield between the products and the interior of the containers

Helps keep container free from residue

Highly flexible – suited to a range of products

Helps Maintain product quality

Protect the product and the container from contamination

Increase the Paylods

Diminished Mannual Handling

Install,Load and Discharge Easily

  • As per the Network for Transport and the Environment, maritime shipping is the world’s most carbon-efficient form of transporting goods–far more efficient than the road, rail and air.
  • Despite this fact, many companies are still looking for other innovative ways to reduce their carbon footprint– Container Liners are that solution.
  • Dry bulk Container Liner is one of the most cost-effective means of bulk packing.
  • Maximum payload with minimum residue on discharge.
  • Single-trip convenience, new liner every time, no repair and cleaning costs.

Container Liner few technical details

  • Dry Bulk Container liners are made from Poly Ethylene (PE) film, Woven Poly Propylene (PP) fabric and as well as Woven HDPE fabric.
  • Woven PP liner ranging from 100 GSM till 220 GSM fabric and PE liner of 100 micron till 350 micron film.
  • We can design and support for installation of liners for 20 ft, 30ft, 40ft, 53ft container liners depending on the Specific requirement of the user and specific density of the product.

Few value – addition on Container liner

  • We can cater to specific Industries like Petrochemical, food, Grains, Powder, Chemicals etc.
  • The USP of Dry Bulk Container liner is that it not only provides 20 ft, 30ft, 40ft, 53ft container liners, but it also gives customized liners as per the demand of the client.
  • These container liners are also environment-friendly. Liners are made up of Virgin raw materials and can be recycled.

Types of Liners

  • Standard Liner – Granules or powder which demands moisture prevention.
  • Safety liners – Sugar/powder or bulk cargo of high density.
  • Metalized/Aluminum liners – moisture content control, and odor protection.
  • Thermal liners – protect cargo from environment alteration for wine, beverages.
  • Vinyl liners – alter with temperature and altitude swops.
  • Conductive liners – packaging of sugar, chemical and powder explosives.
  • Filled – In liners are available for applications with food grade certification.
  • Elastomer liners – high durable and high-density powders/chemicals.


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